The Making of a Rebel

I think that anyone who has dreams have one of those days, when you feel like you’re not making any progress in life, when nothing you do seems to be making any difference, when you feel like you’re not getting any closer to where you want to be. I was having one of those days when a friend sent me this, a page from Matt Haig’s Reasons to Stay Alive.


I asked her, ‘are we happy? With our non-upgraded existence?’ She told me non-upgraded existence is relative. But I, who had been moping for days, had something to be proud of – I am living a non-upgraded life, I am bad for the economy, AND I LOVE IT.

I love that my 3-year-old phone still works perfectly fine and can still play my favorite K-dramas when I’m stuck in traffic. I love that I don’t need an iPod or iPad to to keep me entertained, and that daydreaming is free. I love that the best foods are from sidewalks and hawkers, because I can afford them. I love that when going to the beach, all I need is the sand on my feet, and not a luxury hotel that would cost more than my monthly salary. Above all, I love that just being me is a revolutionary act against this materialistic world.

How can I not be happy with my life, when with every breath I am doing exactly what I love to do – rebel against society.
Sharing was never my thing – not to friends, much less to the world. But if a blog could give my rebellious life a purpose, why not? Let this be my one major revolutionary act.

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