South Korea: My journey down south, a backstory

I’m not sure if anyone would be at all interested to read this. But for those of you who don’t know, I was recently in South Korea, my 4th visit to my 2nd favorite country, next of course to the Philippines.

I thought I was calm enough to slow down and just enjoy breathing the South Korean air, but no. I had to plan a jam-packed itinerary down south to see the most of this beautiful country with just so little time. Not exactly the best idea.

Sitting now at the comforts of our living room, I felt like there were so many more things that I could still have done and so many other places I should have visited. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun, quite the opposite.

Traveling alone in a foreign country, with only a level 1 knowledge of their language, was more difficult than I ever thought. I did not put into consideration the lack of English (or even romanized) signs, much less English speaking people. But this adventure opened my eyes to a whole new side of South Korea, and helped me get to know this small country a little better.

I still wish I had more time though, and the control to stay still. My desire to see and experience too much doesn’t really help me connect with a place in a deeper level. My greatest regret is not getting to know the locals better and not giving enough attention to each place’s history.  The problem is that my eyes are always hungry for more, I don’t give my brains enough time to process everything.

The great thing though this is that my visa is valid for two more years, which means I still have plenty of chances to go back any time I want. I just wish I have unlimited funds though.

But I digress. Why am I telling you this? Because my next few posts will be all about my journey down south of South Korea. Basically I will tell you about the many times I got lost in Jeonju, Suncheon and finally, Yeosu. And I hope you could still join me in this long, winding, tiring, yet fulfilling journey.

Oh and seriously to anyone still reading up to this point, THANK YOU. When I started this blog, I thought having at most 20 people read a post would already be a miracle. But this week, so many great things have happened and I’m really overwhelmed by the number of views and messages on Facebook. I guess I still couldn’t believe I was capable of making it this far. I really never would have without the help of some amazing people. So yeah, THANK YOU.


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