Suncheon Open Film Set: The ultimate travel goal for K-drama fans

Aka: 순천 드라마세트장

With its modern buildings and artsy alleys, it is easy to forget that just some 50 years ago, South Korea was dirt poor. Yes, following the Korean War, this region had to crawl its way up to what it is now. The film Gangnam Blues (Lee Min Ho, Kim Rae Won), which was partly shot here, is a concrete image of  Korean life in the 70s, before Seoul was developed into a megacity.

Gangnam Blues

Kim Rae Won Lee Min Ho Gangnam Blues
Kim Rae Won and Lee Min Ho as peasants before becoming gangsters

But its past is not all dark and dreary, as the Suncheon Open Film Set would prove. In fact, these dilapidated shanties and rickety bridges were built to tell the many beautiful stories of this era. You might have probably already seen this in some of the country’s iconic movies and dramas – such as A Werewolf Boy (Song Joong Ki), Love Rain (Im Yoon-ah), and East of Eden (Song Seung Heon).

A Werewolf Boy Suncheon Open Film Set
K-drama fan or not, I hope you’ve seen A Werewolf Boy. EPIC.

But of course, I’m here for the best variety show in the universe, Running Man!

Suncheon Open Film Set Running Man

Running Man Suncheon Open Film Set 2
True to its name, they did a LOT of running here. Episode 116, WATCH IT.
Running Man Suncheon Open Film Set
The film set is so popular, there was actually a gag show filming while I was there!

In a nutshell, this is the largest filming location in South Korea, with some 200 houses from 1950s to 90s. It is open to everyone, for a minimal cost. And while you’re at it, why not make your trip back in time more legit by renting a high school uniform. Tour the grounds like a retro Korean star! Seriously, you could make your own drama here.







Suncheon Open Film Set Disco
They have an actual disco, you guise. I wanted to dance but some couples were having a moment so…

So I continued my trip back in time somewhere else…


Processed with VSCO with  preset



I had so much fun I exceeded the 1 hour for uniform rental! Worth every won.

Do you need more proof that it’s worth the travel from Seoul? More photos here. Enjoy!

How to get there: 

By Bus

– From Seoul Central City Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Suncheon (approx 4 hours). From the intercity bus terminal, take Bus No. 77, 99 or 777. Get off at Suncheon Drama Set bus stop. Follow the signs to the open film location (around 10-min. walk).

By Train

– Take KTX/Mugunghwa from Seoul (approx 4 hours). From the train station, cross the street via the overhead bridge. Walk towards the bus stop. Take Bus No. 77. Get off at Suncheon Drama Set bus stop. Follow the signs to the open film location (around 10-min. walk).


Admission Fee: W3,000

Uniform Rental: W2,000/hr

Tripod Rental: W5,000


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