How to Ruin Bali, Indonesia

I want to be a K-pop superstar.

But I’m 29 years old and trainees usually start at… what? 11? Younger? God Jihyo (Twice) started at 11, I think, and debuted at 19. Huh. I’m 10 years past the average debut age.

2NE1’s Park Bom debuted at 25 and I’m still four years older and not even half as talented. Girl’s Day’s Sojin was 26 when she made it but come on she’s super hot.

So yeah I think I missed the boat on that one and I probably wouldn’t have made it with the little talent (?) I have anyway. So I’m just gonna do this my own way and start making music videos where I can be the star though sadly that means I’ll probably ruin every beautiful destination I visit (sorry!) starting with dan dan dan dan… Bali!

Without further ado, this is me photobombing some of Bali’s finest while performing Twice’s Heart Shaker! I’m so in love with this song srsly!

PS: Song dedicated to my eleven and only Heart Shaker, Super Junior.


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