The Rebel moves forward

Too many unfinished drafts! Apparently I have yet to complete writing my adventures in Hong Kong, Bali, Hanoi, Suncheon, Yeosu, Maniwaya Island, and a whole journal on my first Indochina trip waaaaay back 2016! Not exactly current, considering I came from news. Maybe that’s why I left haha!

So anywaaay, life. It happened. Got a new job, the first in almost a decade where I don’t have to write (whattt???). I’m now a Digital Strategist at a start-up company that I really adore and whose cause I fully support. To be honest, I wouldn’t have accepted a social media job elsewhere. My passion has always been, and will always be, writing.

But I’ve been thinking, maybe that’s a good thing? I have heard too often that you shouldn’t make your passion your main job. At some point, you’ll be too tired of doing it and you’ll be left with no passion and a job that you hate.

Surprisingly, I’m doing quite well at where I am now. I’ve done social media marketing before but never as my main job, so I was a bit worried at first. I guess it helps that I truly believe what I’m fighting for.

As for my writing, thankfully I have this blog. I really should be more active! I KNOW (-Monica Geller)! I promise I’ll make the next weeks and months count!


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