Yes or Yes by Twice Dance Cover in South Korea

Seasons of ❤️

FINALLY a K-pop music video I actually filmed in its home country! Somehow it felt like coming home. ♥️

For a couple of weeks there feeling K-pop star talaga ko haha! Give na give sa emote, paghanap ng filming locations, tamang lighting… although hirap ng walang make-up artist kasi madalas nakakalimutan ko mag-ayos ng buhok. 😅 Saya rin sana kung may stylist na magtuturo sakin how to really dress for cold weather dahil di ko pa rin naiintindihan hanggang ngayon. 🤦‍♀️

Still, I had soooo much fun doing this! 💃 From the dancing to the editing, sobrang good vibes ng Yes or Yes! (Thank you, TWICE! Officially a fan! ❣️) Nostalgic too because I was finally able to use some really good footage from a summer trip back in 2017. Exploring the country’s southern provinces, mostly familiar only to locals, was a really great experience! I found myself jotting down all the other beautiful towns I should visit when I come back!


PS: Watch ’til the end if you want to know what often happens when you’re shooting a dance video all by yourself. 😝 Too many to mention na ang kahihiyan! All for the love of dance and K-pop 🤗🇰🇷

PPS: Guise, I love making itineraries and planning travel for other people! If you have any questions about South Korea, don’t hesitate to ask. I am very willing to help!

Dance shots from Autumn-Winter 2018:

With (almost forgotten) snippets from summer 2017 and a cameo from my adopted sister:

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