Shercon Resort & Ecology Park: A world of its own

Beaches near Manila? I search for that all the time too. But let’s be honest, the good beaches are at least 4 hours away. Luckily for all of us, I found a solution, Shercon Resort & Ecology Park.

I’m never one for resorts, at least since I’ve found love in the sea and the sand a few years back. Just the word resort sounds suffocating. If it doesn’t have a beach too, I’ll pass. But not this one.

Have to say, I was forced to go there only because the entire family was going, but I don’t regret anything.

Shercon Resort & Ecology Park is anything but suffocating, thanks mainly to its huge size. We stayed there overnight, and even extended our cabin stay, still not enough to tour the whole venue. It’s the kind of place that makes you want to see and experience everything, but at the same time makes you want to stay in just one pool, chill and enjoy the view.

You don’t have to worry about sharing it with a crowd too, Shercon’s got 8 pool areas, of varying size and depth. One of them’s even terraced, so that’s 11 pocket pools in one go!



Shercon night swimming 2

Not in the mood for swimming? There’s a maze, a zipline and a monkey trail too.



It’s so fun going around ’cause you can see how the resort paid attention to details, like these stairs.


The cabins are also well-done and beautifully designed. It made us feel that the owners really put an effort to make their guests feel at home, because we did. We got a Forestville cabin, supposedly good for just 4 persons. We were 9 in all and we didn’t feel that it was too small for us at all.

Forestville Cabins Shercon

Kudos to the staff as well for really impeccable customer service. Everything we requested over the phone arrived just within minutes of the call, considering our cabin is not that near to the office and the restaurant. There is also constant roving security so you will never feel unsafe.

I love how you’re surrounded by nature everywhere, it’s so easy to forget the outside world. That makes bonding with family or friends more special too, because you are really able to get lost in the moment, together.


Most of all, Shercon is so accessible, less than 2 hours away from Manila! I love the idea that I could visit again anytime I want. Of course I could only do that because it’s cheap as well haha! Total cost of accommodation, including extension, was P1,000 each. Add the food and transpo, then that’s P1,500, give or take. Not bad for the comfort and serenity the place offers.


For anyone wondering, this is NOT a sponsored post. I just really enjoyed our stay so I’m sharing with y’all! Shercon Resort & Ecology Park is located in Brgy. Sebastian, Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas. I was told, huge as it is, that it is always fully booked, so better reserve early especially if you plan to go in the summer. Reservations are through calls and e-mails only, but they’re very accommodating so you won’t have a hard time. They even let us bring our super kulit dog, which was awesome. 🙂

How to go:

Commute: Take a bus going Batangas City, with a drop-off at Tambo. Alight at Tambo STAR Tollway Exit. Cross the road then ride a jeep bound for Mataas na Kahoy. Take a tricycle to Shercon Resort.

Drive: Take SLEX-ACTEX-STAR Tollway to Lipa Exit. Turn left until you reach Fernando Airbase. Take the first right after the airbase. From here, Waze could provide a better map than me haha!


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