The ‘tamad’ guide to K-drama filming locations

As hardcore as you probably think I am, I am not. I know friends who can marathon a Korean drama in one weekend, while I could barely finish 16 episodes in a month. Surprise, surprise! But there are a couple of recent dramas that I really loved, and my sister and I thought we owe it to Kim Bok Joo and Kim Shin to visit some of their filming locations.

We didn’t want to spend too much time on this though, so we only went to the spots around our other destinations. If you want to just drop by and stand on the same ground your favorite characters once stood on, these are perfect! You won’t have to go out of the way to see these:

1. Myungbo Crossroad (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)

Remember that time our naive Kim Bok Joo was walking in the rain, effortlessly carrying a vanity drawer too heavy for most women… When suddenly a handsome doctor appears, carrying an umbrella? We all understand how anyone would fall madly in love, right?

Kim Bok Joo Myungbo Crossroad 3

You’d have plenty of chances to hope for a knight in shining umbrella at the Myungbo Crossroad. Feel free to cross it over and over (as we did, it was quite fun!) until someone realizes you’ve probably lost your mind haha (some ahjussis certainly thought we’ve lost ours)!

Where na ba u, doc? Nakailang tawid na ko.

How to go: Take the subway to Euljiro 3 (sam)-ga, Exit 8. Walk straight for a few minutes until you reach the intersection. That’s it! It’s like a much laid back version of Shibuya crossing.

Tip: It’s actually very close to Myeongdong (about 10 mins on foot) so you can just drop by here before shopping! Make sure you got a map though!

2. Seoul Museum of Art (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)

Kim Bok Joo Seoul Museum of Art

More on Bok Joo and our cute doctor… You know that time she pretended she looooved classical music (as much as she ‘loooooved’ Messi)? So they went on a date (at least in her mind)? They stopped by here before going home. They stood (sat) here, at this very spot. Probably the most kilig moment of the Jung Jae Yi – Kim Bok Joo loveline, before Jung Joon Hyung stole her heart for good. πŸ˜€

‘Yung akala mo may iniintay ka pero… wala pala.

How to go: Take subway to City Hall Station, Exit 2. Walk straight to the end of the palace wall, you’ll see the flower marker before you turn right.

3. Deoksugung Wall (Goblin: The Lonely and Great God)

Goblin Deoksugung Wall

And since you’re already here, why not go straight to Grim Reaper’s tea house? This is where Goblin saw Grim Reaper through the wall, making tea – the beginning of the most adorable K-bromance of all time. I loved them more than the Kim Shin-Ji Eun Tak loveline tbh.

Grim Reaper Teahouse
Dong Wook oppa? Knock knock!

How to go: From the Seoul Museum of Art, turn right. Go straight until you reach the first corner. Let’s hope they’re done with construction on your visit!

4. Yongdap Bridge (Goblin: The Lonely and Great God)

Grim Reaper and Sunny

Hands down our favorite spot. Now this is a bit out of the way, but really worth it! The bridge itself is ordinary, but the view from it is the complete opposite. And it was where Sunny (not Sunhee) and Grim Reaper first met! Oh and the deities walked this very ground, the deities. Oh my heart. It appeared several times in the series so we were surprised it was mostly empty when we were there. But that means more time for photoshoot!

Sunny not Sunhee


How to go: Take the subway to Yongdap Station, Exit 2. The bridge is connected to the exit.

5. Namsan Park (Legend of the Blue Sea, etc.)


Whether you’re stalking drama locations or just looking for a nice place to spend the night, this is one spot you definitely shouldn’t miss! The Namsan Tower is so iconic it has appeared in a lot of dramas throughout the years.

Untitled collage (4)
Gu Jun-pyo from Boys over Flowers
Untitled collage (3)
Cheon Song-yi & Do Min-joon from My Love from the Star

It’s specifically famous among lovers, as the thousands of love locks hanging up there would prove. Can’t believe how much the number of love locks have grown in the past 3 years! It’s not a bad place for singles too. The view from Namsan Peak would remind you of everything that is beautiful in the world.

Untitled collage (5)


6. Jeonju Sago (Love in the Moonlight)

Love in the Moonlight and Me 1 (1)

Love in the Moonlight Jeonju Sago

This is totally out of the way, 3 hours away from Seoul actually, but I’m including it in this ‘tamad’ guide because I absolutely had no idea it was a filming site until this morning (more than a month after I came back from my trip). I loved this spot so much and I got it to myself that afternoon so I played around A LOT. Only to find out that Park Bo Gum once stood on these stone steps. Kung alam ko lang eh kahit humiga pa ko dito! MY HEART.

Love in the Moonlight and Me 2

Love in the Moonlight and Me 3
Different angle but same bamboo trees!

Ngayon para naman sa mga kaibigan kong nilamon na ng variety shows, meron ba? Taas ang paa!

7. KBS Hall (1N2D)


Because they’re always out and about, KBS Hall is basically home for South Korea’s favorite vagabonds. And for some celebrities (and fans), standing on these steps, shouting ‘il-bak, i-il!’ is the dream.


If you’re a fan of other KBS shows (Boys Over Flowers, Winter Sonata, Happy Together, Music Bank, etc.), you’ll feel right at home here. They have an Exhibition Hall, which is open to everyone for free, everyday except 1st Mondays of the month (9:30am-5pm). We arrived past 5pm so we didn’t get to see it. But we still enjoyed chilling outside the FM stations, listening to good music while watching the DJs do their magic live. If you’re lucky (or a very good stalker), you can watch your favorite idols when they do their recordings here.


How to go: Take the subway to National Assembly Station, Exit 4. Go straight then turn right on the first corner. Continue walking until you reach KBS, do NOT enter. Turn left, walk along the fence until you reach the corner then turn right. You should see the steps in a few meters.

8. Loco Quan 401, Myeongdong (Running Man)


After all that snapping, how about a nice meal? Running Man fans will have a blast at Loco Quan 401, owned by the childish Pororo aka Haha oppa! He wasn’t there when we went but judging from the photos posted there, he often visits and cooks for the customers himself. How amazing is that? But even without him, the food is amazing (Jeju black pork)! And how about this view for lunch?




How to go: Take the subway to Myeongdong, Exit 8. Turn left and walk straight until you reach the MCM Bldg. Loco Quan is located at the 8th flr of Champion Bldg., just beside MCM.


There are of course plenty of other K-drama locations around Seoul and nearby cities, but our schedule couldn’t accommodate all of them. (Yehes artista??) After all, every corner of Seoul is drama worthy, konting inarte lang kunwari may sarili kaming series!

Know any other accessible spots that could bring us closer to our beloved K-dramas and variety shows? Please let me know in the comments below!



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