Lilom Resort, Anilao: Luxury on a Budget

Work from home burning you out? I-work from the beach na ‘yan! Or better, kalimutan ang work at least overnight at mag-relax ka muna!

Lilom Resort in Anilao, Batangas is just 2.5 hours away. Hoping for a 5-star hotel? It’s not one. Looking for a luxurious guesthouse with 5-star customer service, cozy rooms, and all-around photo-ready corners? Lilom has it all.

I only have 2 requests whenever I go to the beach: I need to be under the sun day in and day out, and it has to be on a budget. Luxury was never my thing, much less staying under the shade – but at Lilom, I took in all that and more.

The Lilom Experience

Lilom Resort, Anilao Batangas

Lilom is a rustic resort in Anilao, Batangas. It’s a small one, with only 7 rooms, all looking out to the sea. Outside is a white sand but rocky beach. You’ll need swimming shoes to get in. Rental is free at the resort, although they have limited supplies.

For most rooms, the rate is P3,000/person. Expensive? Not really. This already includes an overnight stay at a posh double/triple/family room; buffet lunch, dinner & breakfast; afternoon merienda; sunset cocktails; and free rental of all their snorkeling gear (if you get there first).

Lilom Resort facade, Anilao

How does a typical overnight stay in Lilom look like? Let me walk you through it.

Check-in is 12:00nn, just in time for lunch. There is a short “hike” to reach the resort. But that’s okay, cold welcome drinks will be waiting for you at your room.

Paraw Room at Lilom Resort, Anilao
The titas enjoying their welcome drinks achuchu

Lunch is a simple feast. Not the best cooking in the world, but tasty enough to fill you up. We had lunch outside their small cafe, overlooking the sea. It comes with complimentary drinks, we chose tea and coffee.

Compli drinks @ Lilom Resort, Anilao
Choice of coffee or tea with a view after lunch!

Normally, I would stay by the water all day. But the waves were too strong when we got there. We tried swimming, but ended up scratching our legs on the rocks. So for the first time in my mermaid life, I stayed “in.”

Rooms at Lilom Resort, Anilao
Higa agad pagdating haha!

As much as I really wanted to do nothing, the resort was just too beautiful to pass up on a chance for photo op! Every corner, guise. Glad I was with friends who don’t mind taking photos!

Spent our first day lounging outside our room. I actually got to read a book by the patio overlooking the sea (after weeks of not being able to open a book because life)… Ate and laughed a lot. And just enjoyed the day with my girls, who were so surprised I did not do much… not even dance!

Lilom Resort, Anilao pool basin
That view + good book = ❤️❤️❤️

Before we were even over the kabusugan from lunch, they were already offering us merienda. How can we resist?

Merienda at Lilom
What’s for merienda? Ours was suman and kapeng barako/hot tsokolate! While spending a really slow afternoon by the beach!

As much as I wanted to swim, all we had were knee-deep pool basins. I hate them, usually. I don’t even like pools, much less those I can’t even swim in. But how are these pools so homey??

Lilom Resort Pool Basin

Come sunset, we enjoyed the golden hour walking around the beach. We met a dog who followed us around but walked away when we started taking photos of him/her. It was a nice way to spend an afternoon. And the sunset was glorious.

Dinner was a feast. Can’t really remember what we ate because I was so excited for mojito night! Actually, the mojito was supposed to be for sunset cocktails. But we were so busy outside and still so full from merienda, we opted to have it after dinner instead. Best decision of the weekend!

The best conversations happen when you’re just a little drunk… I think? It was so peaceful in Lilom akala namin napakalalim na ng gabi nung pumasok kami ng kwarto. But apparently, 9:30PM pa lang haha! But all good! One of my friends was already more than a little tipsy… Okay, so was I. Haha!

Good thing we slept early though. Maaga rin kami nagising for this.

Mornings at Anilao
Early morning view ❤️

Busog pa rin kami from all the food we ate the day before. And the water was finally calm enough for a swim. That small object on the right is actually a raft. Around that is the best area for snorkeling. I’m normally scared to swim in the middle of the sea kasi baka may monster sa ilalim chos! But the underwater here was too beautiful, I had to dive-ish.

After that, breakfast! They have bread, fried rice and ulam, fruits… but my favorite was their milky pancake, best enjoyed with muscovado spread! Ang sarap, promise!

When it was finally time to leave, we couldn’t. ANG HIRAP. How can we leave all these behind? Ang sarap mag-buhay prinsesa for a weekend. My favorite part about Lilom is how they treat their customers. Hindi mo kailangan mag-demand ng kahit ano kasi they are already giving you more than you need. Some 5-star hotels wouldn’t even give you that much if you don’t look rich enough.

I’m not one to spend time under the shade. Pero I enjoyed my short stay in Lilom. Dito wala ako pake kung di ako masyado maarawan, because the whole place is already a ray of sunshine.

Lilom Rates & Inclusions

For most rooms, except Satcho’s House, the rate is P3,300 per person. This includes:

  • Overnight stay at a simple yet cozy room with posh bathroom
  • Welcome drinks
  • Lunch
  • Merienda
  • Sunset cocktails
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast
  • At free awra sa lahat ng corner na magustuhan mo!

How to Get to Lilom Resort

If you’re taking a private vehicle, I suggest you get help from Mimiyuuuh or Catriona. But if you’re commuting, here are the instructions:

  • From Cubao/Pasay/Alabang, take a bus to Batangas City. Get off at Batangas City Grand Terminal
  • Take a jeep bound for Mabini town. Get off at Mabini Plaza/Market (P40).
  • Then take a tricycle to San Teodoro (P50/person, P250/private use). Get off at the walkway to Lilom.
  • From here, mga 250 steps pababa to the resort. It’s not advisable for those with mobility problems. But if you’re able, the resort is worth the short walk down!

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