The ‘tamad’ guide to K-drama filming locations

As hardcore as you probably think I am, I am not. I know friends who can marathon a Korean drama in one weekend, while I could barely finish 16 episodes in a month. Surprise, surprise! But there are a couple of recent dramas that I really loved, and my sister and I thought we owe... Continue Reading →

The Rebel moves forward

Too many unfinished drafts! Apparently I have yet to complete writing my adventures in Hong Kong, Bali, Hanoi, Suncheon, Yeosu, Maniwaya Island, and a whole journal on my first Indochina trip waaaaay back 2016! Not exactly current, considering I came from news. Maybe that's why I left haha! So anywaaay, life. It happened. Got a... Continue Reading →

Cuenca, Batangas: The Ultimate Chill Guide

Cuenca, my hometown, is so much more than just a mountain. It's a town filled with friendly people, some of the best lomi you can ever taste in your lifetime, an overwhelming number of bakeshops, and a view that you wouldn't have to hike hours just to see.

E-biking in Angkor Wat

E-biking around Angkor Wat is cheap, liberating, safe, and surprisingly easy. It's also a perfect alternative for solo travelers seeking for independence and are on a very tight budget.

Magalawa Island: A Sweet Surprise

Overall, our stay at Armada Resort was the perfect equation for a great weekend: beautiful place, great food, and awesome company. It's a small island but the water is so inviting, you wouldn't mind dipping the whole day. If you're looking for a stunning spot near Manila, you should definitely give it a try.

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